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Hanging out in KeystoneFeedback Sports Racing
We love racing and have our own Feedback Sports Racing team with 33 racers focusing on MTB and Cyclocross. You’ll find us racing just about every weekend here in Colorado and we make some national races too. Please say hello next time you are at a race. 

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Feedback Sports is proud to support many professional team mechanics that use our products and support cycling teams all over the world!

proelitekona2Copy150x150.jpgDusty Labarr – L & T Racing
Dusty spent several years working with Kona supporting Ryan Trebon’s and Barry Wicks’ MTB and Cylocross seasons.  Him and Ryan have now formed a new team and are gearing up for the 2011 season.

IMG_9903150x150.jpgMatt Opperman - Subaru/Trek Racing
Matt currently supports the ever powerful Subaru/Trek MTB race team with 2009 National Champs Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and Heather Irmiger as well as podium stalwarts Sam Shultz and Emily Batty.

IMG_8045150x150.jpgMryon Billy - Team Specialized
Myron is Todd Well’s main mechanic and had a pretty darn good 2010 season.  Todd was both the MTB XC and Cyclocross US National Champion.

IMG_6215150x150.jpgTroy Laffey - Team Cannondale/Cyclocross Worlds
Troy travels the world supporting Cannondale sponsored racers like Tim Johnson, Jeremiah Bishop, Jamie ODriscoll, and Tinker Juarez to name a few.  Troy literally lives on the road…he hasn’t had a permanent address in over 10 years.

Josepackingup150x150.jpgJose Alcala – SRAM Neutral Support
Jose, Butch, Chad and the guys from SRAM Neutral support are out at the big events every weekend helping out anyone who needs their assistance.  They put in some serious miles criss crossing the country.

Shimano1150x150.jpgShimano Neutral Support
Nick, Chad, Ryan and the guys at Shimano Neutral Support are there for you when you need them.  Working some of the biggest cycling events in the nation, these guys are always on the move.

IMG_8740150x150.jpgGary Wolff - Team Maxxis/Rocky Mountain
Gary supports the world racing habits of top MTB/Cyclocross racer Geoff Kabush.

IMG_9950150x150.jpgBrian Dallas - Focus Bikes/ Team Rapha Focus
Brain is a critical to the success of Team Rapha/Focus supporting Jeremy Powers, Zach MacDonald and Chris Jones. 

Rob_pope150x150.jpgRob Pope - Feedback Sports Team Mechanic
Rob has an extensive history with many of the finest shops in Colorado as well as many professional riders including  Sue Haywood, Chris Etaugh, Tyler Hamilton and Travis Brown.

In addition to wrenching on the Feedback Sports team bikes Rob also runs Super-Tunes Pro Bicycle Repair Shop.